Quality as the most
important component

Quality first

Flawless quality is top priority for us. In order to meet the high standards for quality we have set for ourselves, the planning and production flow is subject to strict internal monitoring in accordance with the quality assurance regulations set down in writing.

The "Precision Solution" seal of approval is both a commitment and motivation for us to meet our partners' requirements by offering solution- and customer-oriented concepts. External auditors ensure that we meet the obligations of our certification according to ISO 9001 (Ypsotec AG / Ypsotec s.r.o.) and ISO 13485. You can be sure that Ypsotec quality management guarantees top-level processes and products as well as sustainable and responsible use of resources.

With our direct contact with the customers, we guarantee that for Ypsotec AG quality is an especially high priority. When commissioning an order, customers can be certain that we are able to do the following:

  • meet the requirements for products reliably and efficiently,
  • meet the agreed upon delivery date punctually and as needed,
  • fulfill requests for advice competently and flexibly, and
  • identify and seize opportunities for improvements.

At Ypsotec AG, all management, core and support processes are highly customer-oriented. The processes have grown through years of experience and are reviewed and optimized on an ongoing basis and adapted as needed.

The process organization is systematically structured, planned, monitored and managed. Process management is a central component for improving quality, the organization, and Ypsotec AG's quality requirements.

In our work, we pay particular attention to ensure the following:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Satisfied employees
  • Satisfied companies
  • Satisfied suppliers

With systematic basic and advanced training, we ensure that all of our employees are able to meet Ypsotec AG's high quality requirements. As a training enterprise, we are also in a position to convey the necessary technical know-how and experience to the young professionals.