Core competency

One-stop solutions / assemblies

Once a component has undergone perfect machining, it may still have to undergo additional steps before it can be assembled. As a full-service provider, we guarantee your success by offering rapid availability thanks to integrated manufacturing options for the following post-treatments:

  • Installation and testing of assemblies
  • Internal surface treatments such as grinding, honing, vibratory finishing, sandblasting and electropolishing, as well as deburring.
  • Surface treatments performed with external partners, which demonstrates our logistical competency, include anodizing, PVD coating, explosive deburring, hardening and annealing.
  • Precision cleaning using ultrasound cleaning facility in accordance with defined cleanliness standards.
  • Drawing up all required documents such as test protocols, initial sample inspection reports, process flow diagram, process FMEA, inspection plans, control of inspection, measuring and test equipment, measurement system analysis, qualification documentation and validation plans.
  • When it comes to logistical competency, we offer you everything you need, from KANBAN to just-in-time delivery or consignment stock.