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CNC short turning / CNC automated turning / CNC turret lathing

Our highly motivated team of specialists has a range of efficient production methods for manufacturing machine parts, tool parts, special manufactures and large-scale series at its disposal. Ongoing investments in state-of-the-art production tools are highly significant for continuing to meet our customers' ever increasing requirements in the future. Ypsotec is your partner for machining down parts with long turning from a diameter of 2 to38 mm, automated / turret turning up to 65 mm in diameter and chuck turning up to 320 mm in diameter.

On our automatic lathe, we machine microparts from 2.0 mm in diameter to a maximum of 38 mm in diameter. Our turret lathers offer the possibility to machine down parts up to a diameter of 65 mm. The machines have power-driven tools with C and Y axes for complex turned and milled components with the quality you require. We manufacture cubic parts on our 3+2 axis machining center. Our goal is to be the European market's leading provider of customer-specific solutions in the turning sector. Our technical core competency comprises support for our customers, helping them master their day-to-day challenges by offering practical solutions.

Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies in our CNC turning shop, allow us to achieve a high level of flexibility at first-class quality. We use CNC lathes and CNC long-turning automatic screw machines with a bar feeder.

Long-turning technique

The long-turning automatic screw machine is an automatic lathe for which the piece provides both the feed motion and the surface speed. This distinguishes it from automatic short-turning lathes, in which the tool determines the feed motion. Short-turning machines only allow the turning of parts up to approx. 2.5 x diameter. Starting from this range, the very efficient working range of the long-turning automatic lathe begins. Turning long parts requires rigid working conditions without any leeway. These conditions are created by means of a guide bush, which the short-turning lathe is not equipped with. Guiding the material in the guide bush enables high precision to be achieved with narrow tolerances even with long diameters.

Advantages of automatic long-turning lathes

  • Work directly on the guide bush (increases precision)
  • Guide bush reduces vibrations generated by pushing the rods (reduces chatter and chatter marks)
  • Low-vibration turning, which means less wear of the spindle bearing
  • High precision for low diameters
  • High volume throughput

Short turning / turret lathing

Ypsotec AG has established itself as a manufacturer of complex turned parts with a high share of milling operations.

Ypsotec finds it particularly rewarding to manufacture turned parts when the pieces are complex and made of materials that are difficult to machine. Our strength entails the machining of difficult materials such as titanium, stainless steel and high-alloy materials with transverse processing, reverse side work and narrow tolerances for shape and position, in principle, wherever we can fully exploit the benefits of machine technology.

MultiSwiss – the multi-spindle machine for greater production performance

Due to the torque motor technology of the drum, the MultiSwiss achieves a production performance comparable to that of curve-controlled machines – at extremely low noise levels. The seven high-dynamic, independently operating spindles are equipped with hydrostatically mounted Z axes which allow optimum speeds in every position as well as variable angle settings. These spindle bearings increase the tool service life by 30 % to 40 % and guarantee immaculate surface quality. Front access, integrated peripheral systems and simplified programming, which can be executed by a single spindle operator, make the MultiSwiss an extremely ergonomic and easy to set up machine.

The MultiSwiss can be adapted precisely to our requirements. For example, a Y-axis can be added in positions 3 or 4 and numerous workpiece outputs are available. The machine can also be converted quickly and easily to a chuck version.

The advantages include:

  • increased productivity and faster set-up times
  • homogeneous production
  • exceptional surface quality and precision
  • high level of flexibility due to large choice of devices and tool holding systems
  • reduced wear of tools
    • perfect for batch production from 100`000 units upwards
    • diameter range from 4 to 16 mm